WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights.

WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights, 7 Exercise Machines in 1 including Lat Pulldown, Bench Press, Leg Extension, Chest Press and Bicep Curls.

Want to exercise at home, then why not have your own gym at home, when you buy the WeightMaster Bench Gym you get a bench press that combines with all the fitness equipment you could need from a lat pulldown bar for working your shoulders and doing assisted crunches to get that 6 pack set of abs to a bench press for pressing weights to improve your strength, fitness and build arm and shoulder muscle.
WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights, 7 Exercise Machines in 1.

7 Exercise Machines in 1

You get a free set of free weights with the WeightMaster Bench Gym, you get weights that total 100kg in weight that you can use with this bench gym so you're ready to go straight away and don't need to buy anything else and with free delivery you don't have to pay for expensive delivery of a bench gym and all those weights.

Build chest muscles with the butterfly bar, you sit down on the bench seat for the butterfly bars and lat pulldowns and this seat folds flat and angles too so your be able to find the ideal position.

The bench press has locking rests that's important if you have children at home as the locking rests will lock the weights to the barbell rest so your weights can't fall and injure someone.

If you like bicep curls and preacher curls then simply push in the attachment slot the included armrest and pullbar which fits just in front of the seat and pull the attachments out when you don't need them anymore.

Use the leg station with its leg extension and leg flexion to work your leg muscles and strengthen legs, perfect for rehabilitation and getting back to a more active life.
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