WeightMaster Bench Gym.

WeightMaster Bench Gym Review, Weight Bench and Multi Gym Combined, 7 Exercise Machines In One.

Why spend the same money on a weight bench when you can have a weight bench and a mini multigym combined into the WeightMaster Bench Gym, with 7 different exercise machines in one you can get all the exercise and weight training, strength training you require in a bench gym that won't take up much room in your home.
WeightMaster Bench Gym, Weight Bench and Multi Gym Combined.

Weight Bench and Multi Gym Combined

The bench gym includes lat pulldown bars with a seat that folds flat so you can sit down whilst your doing you lat pulldowns, there's also a chest press below the lat pulldown bar and you can use this chest press as a straight press or standard press or as a butterfly press.

There's a full featured weight bench with folding back rest, the back rest folds completely flat or to one of 7 angles, you can sit on the seat or the folded backrest side.

Included is a removable armrest and pulldown bar for bicep curls and preacher curls, you can simply pull the armrest and pulldown bar off when you don't want arm exercises, use this for biceps curls and preacher curls.

On the leg station you can do leg extensions and leg flexing.

The weight bench features a bench press with weight rest, the weight rest has locking rests so you can leave the weights on the rests until you next want to lift some weights, the weights won't fall off injuring you, someone else or damaging property and certainly if you have children in the house the use of locking rests is a necessity.

It will take you approximately one hour to assemble the WeightMaster Bench Gym, the instructions are in English with pictures and diagrams and are easy to follow, this is not some poorly translated into English instruction sheet, there's even a freephone number if you need advice assembling.
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