Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table.

Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table the Home Massage Table available in Cream or Black Colour.

The Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table is the perfect home massage table, you can choose between two colour options cream or black with free delivery and a super low price and all backed up by a one year guarantee, the Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table is a very good deal.
Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table, Home Massage Table.

Home Massage Table

If your wanting a massage table at home for your partner or friends to offer proper massages on the proper equipment then consider the Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table, if you're a massage student learning massage then there is no cheaper way to get such a high quality massage table and if you're a mobile beauty therapist or massage therapist the fact that the massage table folds will be of greatest benefit, the table folds in half and the legs fold in on themselves like a trestle table a quality carry bag is provided free of charge, the massage carry bag zips around the massage table and a handle on the top of the carry bag makes the table easy to carry.

At home your appreciate the folding massage table as it won't take up much room and can be stored under your bed or against a wall or even in a wardrobe.

With a maximum client weight of 38 stone on the table your be able to give massages to everyone, male and female without worrying about weight or stability issues with the Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table, the legs and frame are made from strong yet lightweight beech wood that looks beautiful in light tan colours.

The Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table is oil and cream resistant, just wipe the surface down with a cloth and warm water, so massage oils and creams will come off and not stain the table.

The table height is fully adjustable up and down, and easily adjustable without any tools so you can adjust the table height to that of your massage client so you're not overreaching or straining your back when you're trying to offer massage.

There's a face bung in the table for clients that like to put their face through a face cradle or hole and for those that don't simply insert the face bung to cover up the hole.
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