Tahiti Quartz Massage Table.

Tahiti Quartz Massage Table with Adjustable Backrest, the Massage, Beauty Treatment Table.

When you buy a massage table buy one that has an adjustable backrest that lets you either lie down or sit up at an angle, then you can use the massage table as a beauty therapist table for doing makeup and facials if your buying this portable massage table for your business this gives you far more options as you can offer massage as well as beauty treatments.
Tahiti Quartz Massage Table, Adjustable Backrest.

Adjustable Backrest

Massage therapy students should buy a massage table with an adjustable backrest because as a student you want the most options to be available to you and if you can make your business out of massage and beauty treatments your find getting work easier.

If you just want to buy this massage table to use at home then with a adjustable backrest the table becomes a lot more useful, sitting up and reading a magazine on a comfortable table is much better than getting bored forced to lye down all the time.

Use your massage table at home by inviting mobile massage therapists and mobile beauty therapists to visit, they can then carry out their treatments on your own massage and beauty table, as you clean it you know how clean and hygienic your table is which will be much better than some of the tables used in town centre spas and massage centres.

The massage table is available in several colures including black, cream (off white) and purple the beech wood legs and frames are very strong but also loom beautiful in a light tan beech colour, with a maximum user weight of 38 stone your be able to offer massage and beauty treatments to everyone in the community, young and old, slim and obese.

The massage and beauty table features a face cradle as well as a removable face bung so your massage or beauty treatment client can decide which they like better.

This is a folding massage table, the legs fold inwards and the massage table folds in half and the two halves of the massage table form the two halves of the elegant carry case with the face cradle and arm rests safely inside the folded massage table so you won't lose any parts as you move from home to home with your massage and beauty treatment business.
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