Tahiti Pearl Massage Table.

Tahiti Pearl Massage Table and Beauty Therapist Table with Adjustable Headrest for Massage and Makeup.

If you want to buy a massage table that can also be used as a beauty therapist table then you need to make sure it has an adjustable headrest and an adjustable backrest as for beauty therapy work you don't always want your client lying completely flat, for when your applying makeup for example the Tahiti Pearl Massage Table and Beauty Therapist Table is ideal and comes with free next day delivery and a super low price.
Tahiti Pearl Massage Table, Beauty Therapist Table.

Beauty Therapist Table

Choose between cream or off white and black or dark grey these massage tables are folding massage tables, the legs fold and the table folds in half, a free carry bag with zip and handle is provided for carrying your massage table and transporting the table.

You get a full set of massage table and beauty therapy table accessories too including a removable and adjustable face cradle, removable arm rests and removable face bung, some clients prefer to use the face cradle in which case just push the face cradle attachment onto the table, some clients prefer the face bung in which case just remove the face bung from the table, let your client choose what they like best as this folding massage table gives you and your client the most options.

Luxury PU leather provides a surface that looks like real soft leather and the memory foam provides inches of thick foam that's very comfortable even after extended periods.

The high quality frame and legs are made of strong beech wood and can support a maximum client weight of 38 stone.

The height of the table is fully adjustable up or down and it's easy to adjust the table height as no tools are required.

Massage students will enjoy the lightweight table as it's easy to carry to lectures yet luxurious enough that when they start work they can use the same table and no one is going to know it's the same student table they had when they first qualified.

Supplied with a one year warranty and free next day delivery order your massage table today and be using it tomorrow.
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