Tahiti Opal Massage Table.

Tahiti Opal Massage Table the Folding Massage Table available in Colours Black, Cream, Pink.

Want a massage table for home use that's much better than the ones your find at the spa or beauty salon yet is much cheaper than the ones the spa's are forced to buy then buy the Tahiti Opal Massage Table, it's available in several colours including cream or off white, black and pink.
Tahiti Opal Massage Table, Folding Massage Table.

Folding Massage Table

All these massage tables have high quality PU leather coverings and inches of high density memory foam to make the tables very comfortable there's a full range of accessories included too which are a adjustable and removable face cradle, removable arm rests and removable face bung, all these accessories are stored on hooks under the massage table where they are secure and won't fall out so if you're a mobile massage therapist always taking your table from place to place your appreciate the fact that your accessories won't fall out, get lost or get left at a clients home.

For use in the home the Tahiti Opal Massage Table is excellent as being able to keep all the bits together means you won't be searching round your home looking for all the accessories when you have decided to use your massage table.

If you're a massage student your certainly have the best massage table in the class a table that will be ideal when you start your own business as the luxury PU leather and memory foam really sets this massage table apart form many of the other student massage tables which are cheap and nasty, that's not to say the Tahiti Opal Massage Table is expensive it's for sale at a real bargain price and is quality constructed even coming with 12 months free warranty and free delivery too.
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