Tahiti Onyx Superlight Massage Table.

Tahiti Onyx Superlight Massage Table, the Mobile Massage Therapist Table it's Lightweight with PU Leather, Memory Foam and Max User Weight 55 Stone.

This is the best massage table and its folding too, the super lightweight frame made of aluminium means that mobile massage therapists can easily carry the Tahiti Onyx Superlight Massage Table around, the massage table folds into in half, the two halves of the massage table becoming the case that the massage table is stored in so there's nothing else to carry with you the face cradle, armrests and face bung detach and are stored underneath the massage table and then when folded are stored inside the case so you won't lose any bits as mobile massage therapists travel around.
Tahiti Onyx Superlight Massage Table, Mobile Massage Therapist Table.

Mobile Massage Therapist Table

You get a free zipped carry bag with the massage table that will keep the folded massage table looking nice for years to come.

With a luxurious PU leather coating your find cleaning oil and cream spills easy as they won't soak in or stain and your clients will be amazed at the memory foam comfort and luxurious look of the PU leather and all this in a portable massage table.

Choose from several colours including black (nice looking dark grey), cream (off white) and pink, for the executive look go with the black for the spa look go with the off white cream and for the girlie look go with the pink.

You get over 1,5 inches of think memory foam that will keep your clients comfortable and supported and with the Tahiti Onyx Superlight Massage Table being able to support clients of up to 55 stone in weight your find that whatever weight or size your massage clients your be able to offer them a quality massage table.

The height of the massage table is fully adjustable and no tools are required for adjustment so you can set the height of the table as you setup the table, the table legs fold inwards and then the whole table folds in half so it's very easy to store, leave the massage table in your car boot or on the back seat when not in use, at home store the folded massage table under your bed or under the stairs.
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