Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool, Massage.

Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool, the Massage, Beauty and Bedroom Stool, features include Folding Stool, PU Cream Leather, Maple Wood Frame and High Density Foam Comfort.

If you have a need for a luxury folding stool then the Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool is it made from inches think high density foam its soft yet supporting and the luxury PU cream leather looks superb along with the folding maple wood frame and legs.
Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool, Massage, Beauty and Bedroom Stool.

Beauty and Bedroom Stool

Being a folding stool once folded the therapist stool, takes up very little room in your home and can be placed under your bed, leaned against a wall, carried in one hand, carried in the boot of your car, put on the back seat of your car or stored in a wardrobe.

Massage therapists use these stools for offering neck and should massages with the client sat on the stool, beauty therapists use these stools to support the client's legs and feet when offering pedicures and in the home the luxury look makes them perfect bedroom stools where they won't look out of place in anyone's bedroom.

With free next day delivery your be sat on your stool tomorrow and with a super low price you can afford to buy several, that's exactly what massage clients have been doing so they can offer several neck and shoulder massages at the same time and when not in use the stools fold away for easy storage.

At home people are buying the stools to use in the bedroom, furnishing several rooms with these luxurious stools.

There's a maple wood foot plate on the stool for people who prefer to rest their feet on a board rather than the floor, it's a very comfortable stool and great for sitting on for an extended period of time without getting sore.

Should you have any problems there's a full 12 months warranty.
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