Reebok i-Bike Model S Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Reebok i-Bike Model S Magnetic Exercise Bike the Reebok iSeries Range for Home Use with 18 Stone Maximum Rider Weight.

Reebok make a range of exercise bikes called the iSeries, the model on review here is the 'S' model in the i-Bike range, these are exercise bikes for home use that look very smart in white with a range of features that make the Reebok cycles great value for money.
Reebok i-Bike Model S Magnetic Exercise Bike, Reebok iSeries Range.

Reebok iSeries Range

With a maximum rider weight of 18 stone this strong exercise bike can be used by everyone whether your overweight and wanting to exercise and slim down or just wanting to maintain your shape and tone up.

The Reebok i-Bike 'S' Magnetic Exercise Bike as the name suggests uses magnetic resistance as the resistance to your pedalling, magnetic resistance has few moving parts compared with other more mechanical systems so won't break down or need constant servicing, magnetic resistance is also extremely quiet so if you like to cycle early morning or at night you won't be waking up the family.

The large contoured seat is padded and extremely comfortable, it's a real cycle seat for real people not one of those super thin seats that makes you think your sat on a razor blade, the saddle is height adjustable up and down and can be easily adjusted without any tools.

On the handlebars is a 5 function cycle computer and display which can show your the time you have been riding, your current speed and the calories you have burned so far, the display is very easy to work too so no complicated modes and thousand button presses.

Use the calorie display to see exactly how many calories your body is burning as your cycling, if your following a calorie controlled diet your be able to see how many calories you have lost thanks to exerciser and just watching the display and seeing how much effort is required to burn 100 calories will help you make better food choices as you realise how easy it is to let calories into your body and how much effort it takes to burn the same amount of calories.
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