Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance Review.

Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance, Review this Exercise Bike for Sale which Displays Calories and Heart Rate information.

Looking for an exercise bike for sale, then read the review of the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance, this is a sturdy exercise bike with a strong metal frame that's capable of supporting a user weight of 16 stone and so is suitable for the whole family to use.
Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance Review, Exercise Bike Sale.

Exercise Bike Sale

This is a magnetic resistance cycle, what that means is that the resistance to your cycling is fully adjustable so you can choose how hard a cycling session you want, like your cycling up a steep hill or like your cycling on a smooth road or anything in between, the resistance is controlled by magnets, this means that there are few moving parts so less to go wrong that exercise bikes with more complicated mechanisms, magnetic systems are also very quiet with no squeaks or vibrations so you can use them in the early hours of the morning or late at night without disturbing anyone.

There's a exercise bike computer included which displays the time you have been cycling, the distance you have cycled, the calories you have used, your heart rate and even how many revolutions per minute RPM your doing.

Knowing your calorie consumption is a big help to anyone on a diet as you can see how many calories you have burned and how much impact that will have on your diet plans, simply enter your weight on the digital display to get an accurate calorie reading.

Your heart rate is also displayed on the digital display and this is possible thanks to two pulse sensors inside the handlebars of the exercise cycle, hold the handlebars and your pulse is measured, from your pulse rate your heart rate can be determined and displayed on the digital display.
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