IronMan Foldable Weight Bench.

Review of the IronMan Foldable Weight Bench the Folding Weight Bench with Mini Gym Machines Included.

When you're buying a weight bench for the same money as a standard weight bench you can get a weight bench like the IronMan Foldable Weight Bench which also includes a range of gym equipment built-in to the weight bench, equipment like butterfly bars for working your pecs (pectorals) and delts (deltoids) and a leg extension station for working your quads (quadriceps), curl bars for working your hamstrings and all of this folding away tidily into a flat shape you can store against a wall or mount onto the wall which will make a great talking point.
IronMan Foldable Weight Bench, Folding Weight Bench.

Folding Weight Bench

Use the chest press, leg extensions, leg curls and butterfly bars in addition to a weight bench with locking weight stands, simply place your bar bell on the weight stands and slide over the lock which will hold your weights firmly on the stands and prevent accident or injury from weights falling, don't buy a weight bench that does not have locking weight stands, it's an essential safety feature.

Whatever workout you choose your want to adjust the backrest to the most comfortable position and with the IronMan Foldable Weight Bench you have three different positions which you can lock the weight bench back rest in for the best position for your exercise.

The leg curl bars have thick padding so your legs won't get sore or start to ache.

The leg pads and thickly padded seat and back rest will keep you comfortable even for extended exercise sessions, coloured black the pads show off the shiny silver of the weigh bench gym, everything is adjustable by the use of hand wheels so no tools are required to make any adjustments.

The IronMan Foldable Weight Bench comes with one year's free warranty and a new cheap selling price.
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