IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine.

IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine the Home Rower that's a Real Rowing Machine.

The IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine is a real air rowing machine which uses a real fan inside the rower that turns against air resistance and has adjustable air resistance whilst there are many home rowing machines available very few are actually air resistance rowers like you would find in gyms and fitness clubs up and down the country.
IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine, Home Rower.

Home Rower, Real Rowing Machine

Only air resistance rowers make that satisfying whoosh noise when you pull the rowing machine handle, the rower is an all metal construction rower that's strong yet incredibly lightweight as the rowing machine is made from aluminium, the long beam has a hinge where the beam joins the rower and this allows the rowing machine beam to fold upwards and lock into an upright position for easy storage and easy moving as the folded rowing machine has wheels that allow you to wheel the rower from one room to another.

The IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine is ideal if you want to store the rowing machine in a corner of the room, when not in use as its easily folded and unfolded and lightweight o wheel about on its wheels or even carry.

There's 8 levels of resistance on the rower simply turn the resistance knob which is located just below the digital display and the footplates are large too with a foot strap to hold your feet on the pedals, everyone's feet will fit on these large pedals and into these large foot straps and the pedals will easily accommodate a UK size 13 shoe.

The seat is ergonomically designed (shaped to your bottom) so you won't slip off and the seat is well padded too so it's comfortable to row even for extended periods of time.
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