Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer.

Review of the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer the Folding Elliptical Trainer that Prevents Foot, Ankle and Knee Injury with Articulating Footpads.

Thinking of buying an elliptical trainer for home use, then you want a elliptical trainer that folds and doesn't take up much room when you're not using it, you want an elliptical trainer that's part of the new elliptical trainer models available that feature articulated footpads that prevent stress and strain injuries to feet, ankles and knees then buy the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer.
Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer, Folding Elliptical Trainer.

Folding Elliptical Trainer

The articulated footplates on the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer move with your feet they are not fixed, they don't feel like fixed bits of metal under your feet forcing your feet into a position of poor alignment leading to muscle injury, articulated footplates rotate slightly with the elliptical motion always keeping your feet in perfect alignment to get the most out of your elliptical training and preventing injury.

The digital display and controls are some of the easiest to use on a modern elliptical trainer and the large text and blue backlighting mean that it's easy to read the digital display even in poor light or if you suffer with poor eyesight.

This is a folding elliptical trainer the foot paddles move upwards into a vertical position when not in use so you won't be tripping over large paddles on the floor as you walk around your home, then when ready to elliptical train again simply move the lock position to open and lower the pedals to begin training again, simple, easy to use and a real space saver.

With 10 preset exercise programmes you can simply select an elliptical training program like cardio-vascular control, Nordic exercise, lose weight, stamina and many more.
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