Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill.

Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill Review, the Folding Treadmill with the Extra Large Running Deck.

Read the review of the Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill and discover the treadmill that folds up so it doesn't take up much room at home, yet still has an extra large running deck so you can feel safe and free to move around without feeling caged in.
Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill, Folding Treadmill.

Folding Treadmill

The extra large running deck is 60 inches long by 21 inches wide, a massive treadmill deck that will let you run or walk the way you like to run or walk without being forced onto a narrow strip.

You get a massive 5 years parts warranty on the Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill, Fuel Fitness have one of the best build qualities in the industry and with 5 years warranty you know it too.

Using the ever popular red LED health club style display the whole treadmill looks strong and beautiful and will last for many years to come, you can run or walk with a huge 15% incline, everything about the Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill is big except the price which has been reduced and comes with free delivery.

Cooling fans on the front console direct cooling airflow onto your face and upper body, adjust the direction, increase the airflow or switch off the air, you stay comfortable and able to cope with extended exercise sessions when you run on the Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill.

You even get built in stereo speakers for your iPod or MP3 player, simply plug i the cable and your music will be delivered from the console in front of you with plenty of space to put your iPod, MP3 player, water bottles and towels too, you can even lean a book or magazine on the angled console for people who get bored and like to read as they walk or run on a treadmill.

On the handlebars your find buttons for speed increase, decrease and incline (hill up or down), this is so you don't have to lift your hands from the treadmill handlebars in order to adjust the treadmill, beginners to treadmill running or walking often feel unsteady and not used to the large moving track, so not having to move your hands from the handlebars is a bonus for beginners.
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