Fuel Fitness F63 Treadmill.

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The Fuel Fitness F63 Treadmill is a strong treadmill with a 2.5HP motor capable of driving the treadmill belt at 20 kph (12.5 mph) whilst carrying a maximum runners weight of 147 kg (23.5 stone) even with a 15% incline from the power lift, so whatever your weight the whole family can use this treadmill to stay in shape or keep fit and lose weight.
Fuel Fitness F63 Treadmill, Treadmill Sale.

Treadmill Sale

Other makes of treadmill require that you set the incline of the hill you want to run or walk up by using a mechanical lever prior to you getting on the treadmill with the Fuel Fitness F63 Treadmill you have powered incline which automatically lifts the treadmill to the angle you have specified by pressing the incline increase button on the computer console, you can of course lower the incline in the same way, if you want to get muscle tone in your legs, thigh and bottoms or just like walking or running uphill then the Fuel Fitness F63 Treadmill is for you.

If your new to running or walking on a treadmill belt you might find things a bit unsteady or wobbly to begin with that's why your find the speed and incline increase and decrease buttons on the handlebars so you don't have to take your hands away from the handlebars to make speed or incline adjustments so you won't feel unstable or in danger of falling off.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses and like to take them off before you exercise or just have poor eyesight then you might often struggle reading treadmill displays at the gym, the Fuel Fitness F63 Treadmill has a backlit display so its always easy to read even in low light levels and with a large and crisp digital display your easily see your exercise stats on the screen.

Select one of 10 exercise professional designed programmes that will help you achieve your goals like marathon running, gentle exercise, sprint, lose weight, cardio-vascular exercise and many more, you can of course use the manual mode and control the speed, incline and effort levels yourself or use the automatic exercise programmes and have the Fuel Fitness F63 Treadmill control everything for you.
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