Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike Review.

Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike Review, Tough Steel Design for this White Coloured Home Exercise Cycle.

With a colour LCD digital display mounted between the handlebars your clearly see your cycling statistics like time you have been cycling, speed your cycling, distance you have travelled (its a stationary exercise bike so you haven't really gone anywhere, but if you had, this is the distance you would have gone), pulse and calories consumed.
Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike Review, Tough Steel Design.

Tough Steel Design

Pulse sensors in the cycles handlebars measure your pulse and convert this into a heart beat reading in BPM Beats Per Minute, this is then displayed on the colour digital display and shows you exactly how your heart is coping with the exercise, too fast and you need to slow down or stop, too slow and you need to work harder.

Your also see on the digital display a calorie counter that displays the number of calories you have burned whilst exercising, if your on a diet you can calorie count how many extra calories you have lose through cycling.

You get 15 levels of resistance to choose from, that's how difficult it is to pedal, the harder it is to pedal the more you need to exercise so the more weight your lose or muscle your tone.

The handlebars are designed for maximum comfort and can be held in a number of ways, at the base by both hands gripping horizontally, at the ends by both hands gripping vertically, or ay the sides with an angled grip.

The non slip pedals come with foot straps that will hold your feet firmly on the pedals and will adjust for a full range of male and female shoe size fittings, so everyone in the family can use this exercise bike.

The seat can be adjusted up and down for height and tilted too so you get the most comfortable position with the right arm length away from the handlebars.

Delivery is free of charge, there's a one year warranty and reduced price.
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