Cintura Sports Pro-Speed Racing Exercise Bike.

Buy the Cintura Sports Pro-Speed Racing Exercise Bike the Stationary Racing Bike for Exercise and Fitness.

If you enjoy spinning class at the gym and what your own stationary racing bike then look no further than the Cintura Sports Pro-Speed Racing Exercise Bike with free next day delivery, one year warranty and discounted sale price.
Cintura Sports Pro-Speed Racing Exercise Bike, Stationary Racing Bike.

Stationary Racing Bike

The Cintura Sports Pro-Speed Racing Exercise Bike is a beautiful looking sturdy racing bike, with a metal frame for strength and a maximum rider weight of 19 stone.

The front wheel of the exercise bike is a weighted flywheel which very closely simulates the feel of a real racing bike on the road, the corresponding friction and smoothness of your ride is repeated on the stationary exercise bike, it really is the closest thing you get to a real racing bike indoors.

The 18kg flywheel provides lots of inertia much like an outdoor racing bike and the pad brakes ensure you have plenty of stopping power if you need it, with a chain transmission system that relays your pedals to the wheels as effectively as possible without noticeable lag or friction your really feel like your cycling outdoors.

The pedals have a safety strap to hold your feet on the pedals as well as toe clips if you want to use dedicated cycling shoes, the choice is yours of course equal numbers of people ride in trainers as ride with toe clips.

The handlebar height is fully adjustable by a lever on the frame, no tools are required to adjust the height so it can be done as often as you like and in between different riders if you plan to share your stationary racing bike with other family members.

The saddle not only has a height adjustment moving the saddle up and down but a reach adjustment moving the saddle in and out bringing the rider closer or further away from the handlebars, if you have short arms your want the saddle closer and long arms and your want the saddle further away, if you're a big rider then you want plenty of room between you and the handlebars so you can adjust the reach to accommodate, no special tools are needed as the adjustment levers on the saddle will let you quickly make the adjustment with your hands.
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