Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine.

Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine the Compact Rower and Portable Rowing Machine.

The Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine is a folding rowing machine that's very portable the long aluminium beam makes the rower lightweight too and when not in use the long beam folds upwards and locks into place in an upright position.
Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine, Compact Rower.

Compact Rower, Portable Rowing Machine

As well as being very potable the Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine has a great range of features too like a digital display that will show your pulse rate from any wireless pulse rate device you might have so if your wearing a wireless pulse rate watch or chest strap or earlobe pulse monitor the pulse rate will be automatically displayed on the screen on the rowing machine there's no setup all you have to do is start rowing.

Inside the rowing machine is a 7kg flywheel this provides a natural feel to your rowing so you feel like your rowing on water with the flywheel adding a fluid feel to your strokes.

The Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine uses magnetic resistance to provide the force which you must row against, electronic magnetic resistance is very quiet and ideal if you want to row whilst watching television other members of the household will still be able to hear the television as the rowing machine is so quiet.

Electronic magnetic resistance rowers also have few moving parts on the resistance system so the rower lasts for many years longer than mechanical systems and electronic systems also have continuous resistance where the resistance is always consistent and does not change as you vary resistance for example sometimes on mechanical rowers you change resistance moving up or down just one resistance level but the change in effort required is very dramatic fart more than you would expect between levels that's because mechanical resistance systems are not consistent, electronic systems like that used on this rowing machine are always consistent and accurately and electronically calibrated.
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