Cintura Omega Exercise Bike.

Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, the Beginners Exercise Bike at a Super Low Price.

Read the review of the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, its a full featured exercise bike that would suit the beginner not knowing if exercise bike fitness is what they want to do so don't want to spend a lot of money finding out.
Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, Beginners Exercise Bike.

Beginners Exercise Bike

This is a very simple to use exercise bike which has all the essential features like a digital computer display that shows you the time you have been cycling, the speed you have been cycling and the distance you would have travelled if this wasn't a static cycle.

On the handlebar column is a rotary dial to select the resistance you would like, simply turn the dial clockwise and select any position to make the cycling harder or anticlockwise to make the cycling easier, with increased resistance and cycling harder it will feel like your cycling up hill, your be working your muscles harder and your lose weight faster.

The large saddle really is very comfortable even for extended cycling sessions and moves up and down for height adjustment and forwards and backwards for reach adjustment so if you have short arms you can bring the seat closer to the handlebars and if you have long arms bring the seat further away, there's a tilt option too so you can move the seat to exactly the position you would like, the seat can be easily adjusted by hand without the need for tools.

The Cintura Omega Exercise Bike uses a magnetic resistance system this is totally silent and means there won't be any scraping, vibration or mechanical noises whilst you exercise so its great if you want to cycle first thing in the morning or late at night without waking anyone.

Magnetic resistance also has fewer moving parts so its very reliable and less likely to break down, there's a 12 month warranty included for free, free delivery and discounted price.
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