Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review.

Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review with Dual Handlebars Elliptical and Step Action this is the Best Selling Trainer.

Read the review of the best selling trainer, the Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer which features dual action handlebars so you get two exercise machines for the price of one, an elliptical cross trainer using the moving handlebars and a step machine when you use the static handlebars.
Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review, Dual Handlebars Ellipitical and Step Action.

Dual Handlebars Ellipitical and Step Action

The Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a tough little cross trainer thats a real best seller, buy one of these and it will last for years, with features like infinite resistance adjustment mean you can select how hard you want to workout with lots of effort required to move the elliptical trainer pedals or just a little, most makes of elliptical trainer only offer 5 or 6 resistance levels but with the Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer you have infinite adjustment and can find the resistance level that's right for you.

With a tough steel frame, one year guarantee and free delivery it's no wonder the Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer has become a best seller and hard to beat, suitable for users up to 18 stone in weight so everyone can use this elliptical trainer from Cintura.

With a built in elliptical training computer mounted between the handlebars that's easy to adjust while your cross training your be able to see all your cross training statistics like the time you have been cross training for, your cross training speed and the distance you have travelled cross training as well as your heart rate and calories burned.

Heart rate sensors in the handlebars measure your pulse as you hold the handlebars and display this on screen as a heart rate measurement in BPM Beats Per Minute so you can see exactly how hard you are working, not how hard you think your working but actually how hard your heart tells you your working so you can work harder, stop or reduce your efforts depending on the on screen display.

Cintura 650 elliptical cross trainer has a combined digital display and exercise computer mounted between the fixed handlebars the display shows you the total time you have been cross training for so you can use this as your exercise goal for example aiming to do thirty minutes of elliptical cross training everyday the display also shows your speed in real-time as your cross training which is a good way to see how hard your exercising if your trying to maintain a consistent effort then watch your speed and try to maintain the same speed.

The display also shows you the distance you have cross trained or rather the theoretical distance because obviously this is a home elliptical trainer and you haven't actually moved but still its nice to see how far your exercise would have taken you and you can use this displays as your goal for example setting a goal of exercising a certain distance everyday.

Pulse sensors in the fixed handlebars measure your pulse when you hold the handlebars and your pulse and heart rate are displayed on the screen in BPM Beats Per Minute along with your calorie consumption as exercising burns calories and your able to see how many calories you have burned in real-time as your burning the calories and this also makes a good daily goal setting yourself a goal of for example burning six hundred calories a day.

With two sets of handlebars known as dual handlebars you can exercise your upper body and lower body the fixed handlebars (that's the shorter handlebars) are for a step exercise and the long handlebars are for a whole body workout.

Hold the smaller handlebars and your working your lower body your legs which will help shape and tone your thighs, buttocks, calf muscles and tummy muscles.
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