Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate.

Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate, Vibrating Plates for Sale, Stand On Vibration and Massage Machines.

For a large vibration plate that you can easily stand on with lots of room and handlebars to hold on to as well as integrated straps and cords which are perfect for leg strength work as used by professional swimmers to build up the muscle and strength in their legs and ideal for everyone who wants to get fitter, lose weight, tone their arms, legs, bottom, thighs and upper body.
Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate, Vibrating Plates for Sale.

Vibrating Plates for Sale

Vibrating plates work by using vibrations to increase the effectiveness of exercise and stretching, for every one exercise you do on the vibrating plate you would need to do three of the same exercise if you where just standing on the floor, the vibrating plate is three times as effective as floor based exercise, so you can do three times less or stick with the same workout and be three times more effective.

The sort of exercises you can do on a vibrating plate include upper body exercises like push ups and dips, you don't need to exercise with all your body on the vibrating plate as long as the part of your body your trying to exercise is exposed to the vibrations.

You can also do bent leg lunges where you have one foot up on the vibration plate whilst you stand on the floor with the other leg, then lunge forward whilst exposed to the vibrations, repeat this as many times as you like.

To build up and tone your calf muscles simply stand on the vibration plate and raise yourself up onto your tiptoes, either one leg at a time or both legs at once.

On the control panel of the vibrating plate your find controls for the speed of the vibrations as well as the intensity of the vibrations, there are manual programmes so you can set the speed and intensity exactly how you like it as well as automatic programmes that will adjust these settings all by themselves.

As well as being a fully featured vibrating plate this machine will also give you a whole body massage and again there are manual as well as automatic settings to choose from for your massage.

The Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate has seventy different vibration speed levels and vibration intensity levels (how hard or strong the vibration is) which can be adjusted from the control unit, the control unit does not vibrate as its independently mounted to the base of the vibration machine and not to the vibrating rubber mat so when your adjusting the controls or reading the digital displays you won't suffer from vibrations and wobbly digits and wobbling control buttons some other manufacturers of vibration plate have control panels that vibrate so best to go with BodyTrain who have designed the best vibration machine.

The rubber mat at the bottom of the vibration machine is what vibrates and you can see where to stand on the rubber mat as your feet are marked out on the rubber, from the control panel you can have an automatic exercise programme or massage and a manual massage and exercise the difference is that with the automatic settings the speed and intensity of the vibrations are adjusted automatically by the vibration machine and with the manual mode you select speed and intensity yourself from the control panel.

The control panel has a timer so you can time yourself with for example thirty minutes of vibration massage or vibration exercise each day.

On the upper handlebars your see stainless steel body fat sensors, hold these sensors and your body fat will be calculated by measuring the resistance across your body which is how BMI Body Mass Index can bed calculate by machine, measure your body fat before and after exercise to see just how much body fat your losing.

There's three digital displays on the control panel so you can see your exercise or massage time, vibration speed and body fat measurement all at the same time all continuously updated each second.
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