Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate.

Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate the Exercise Plate for Vibration and Massage, Machine for Squats, Calf Raises, Lunges and Upper Body Exercise.

Buying a vibration plate then you can't buy better than the Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate because not only is it a strong and powerful exercise plate but it's also a whole body massage machine that will revitalise tired and aching legs, feet, back and shoulders.
Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate, Exercise Plate.

Exercise Plate

Use the control panel to stand on the exercise plate whilst adjusting the controls for the speed of the vibration you like as well as the intensity of the vibration, select from automatic programmes which adjust the speed and intensity for you to manual programmes which let you do it yourself, select from massage programmes as well as vibration programmes.

To use the exercise plate simply stand on, select the vibration and speed level you like then do your normal floor based exercises and stretches on the exercise plate because exercise plates are 3x more powerful than exercising and stretching on the floor, so for every one exercise you do on a exercise plate you will have to do x3 exercises on the floor just to get the same benefit.

Hand straps and cords are included on the Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate, simply pull and release on the cords to give your arms or legs a food workout.

Do exercises like squats where you bend down with your feet first together and then apart, these work lots of different leg muscles and are ideal for toning thighs, bottoms and legs, do calf raises to give definition and strength to your calve muscles, simple stand on tip toe first one leg at a time and then both legs, do push ups, work with dumbbells to build muscles and strength in your arms.
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