BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike with Simple and Easy Operation, Large Buttons and Big Display.

If your looking for a home exercise bike that's simple to use and has easy operation with large buttons and a big display and yet has a full range of features like pulse rate measurement, calorie counters and multi-position handlebars then have a look at the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.
BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike, Simple and Easy Operation.

Simple and Easy Operation, Large Buttons, Big Display

The saddle of the bike is height adjustable and the large pedals will easily accommodate a UK size 13 shoe and come with foot straps to hold your feet in place so you can pedal with the ball of your foot rather than the toes where injury or sprains would result.

The multi position handlebars let you use the exercise bike as a classic home cycle with horizontal handlebars or vertical handlebars like on a racing bike or angled handlebars for those who like to stand up whilst they pedal, put your feet firmly in the pedal straps if your going to stand upright.

The BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike has fully automatic electronic resistance adjustment so you can make the pedals harder to move or easier to move by pressing a button on the control box located in the middle of the handlebars you can do this manually by pressing the button as your cycling or you can use one if the built in exercise programmes which have various different cycling courses built in and will automatically adjust how hard it is to cycle depending o0nm the cycling course you have selected.

The BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike can also be controlled by your heart rate with piulse sensors in the handlebars your be able to have the exercise bike monitor your heart rate and adjust the exercise programme accordingly taking into account your changing heart rate.
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