BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch bar and Weight Set Review.

BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch bar and Weight Set Review with Barbell and Dumbbells this Weights and Bars Set has Free Delivery.

Want to buy a complete barbell and dumbbell weight set that has both a short and long bar and all the weights you need for free weight training and weight bench training then read the review of the BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch bar and Weight Set.
BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch bar and Weight Set Review, Barbell, Dumbbells.

Barbell, Dumbbells

You get a total of 100kg of weights that screw on to the dumbbell and barbells with an easy to use screw clamp collar, simply put the weight on the bar, tighten the screw clamp hand tight and your reading to weight train, no tools are required and even after extended use of the weights on the bar the screw collar will not freeze to the dumbbell or barbell making it hard to remove the screw collar, this is a problem you get on some inferior free weight sets but not on this weight set by BodyTrain.

With 100kg of weights in total you get two 10kg weights, ten 5kg weights, four 2.5kg weights, six 1.25kg weights and six 0.5kg weights, the long bar weights a further 6kg not loaded and the dumbbell bars weigh 1.5kg a piece, that's a good selection of weights for the dumbbell and barbells, you can of course put any weight on any bar, putting larger barbell weights onto a dumbbell bar if your weight training requires this, or putting barbell dumbbell weights onto a barbell.

The weights are strong and tough metal iron free weights, made of metal but not made of iron, because iron causes the weights to rust and these weights are rust free keeping their good looks for a lifetime, the weights are painted black with a quality black paint that won't chip or flake as its been heat applied to the metal, each weight has the kg weight stamped on the weight so it's easy to see at a glance what weight you have in your hands or on your bars.

The bars themselves are bright shiny silver in colour and again are rust free for life, the large thread on the bar won't cross thread or brake as the thread has been cast onto the bar for extra strength.

With over 100kg of weight you might be worried about the postage, don't be the BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch bar and Weight Set has free delivery and 12 months warranty plus a reduced sale price.
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