Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors.

Buy the Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors, the Hi Tech Rower with Vital Sign Heart Rate Monitoring.

The Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine has pulse sensors built into the rowing handle, as you hold the rowing handle your pulse is measured, converted into a heart rate reading and displayed on the digital display that's contained within the handlebars as a heart rate measured in BPM Beats Per Minute so you see your heart rate as you row and can watch for a high heart rate which means you should slow down or reduce the resistance level and a low heart rate which may indicate you're not working hard enough.
Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors, Hi Tech Rower.

Hi Tech Rower

If you have large legs your appreciate the long length aluminium beam which will give your long legs plenty of room on the back stroke, the aluminium beam is lightweight and the rear leg features a folding hinge making the rowing machine easier to store, the smooth aluminium beam means that very little resistance is present on the glide of the seat on the beam and feels as much as possible like real rowing out on the water.

A 5kg flywheel makes the motion glide without sticking or jamming that you may have noticed on inferior rowing machines.

Magnetic resistance is used to provide the resistance to your rowing efforts this is fully adjustable from a large hand wheel in the middle of the rower and easy to adjust even when you're sat on the rowing machine with your feet in the foot straps, magnetic resistance is is because it's very quiet and not a noisy rowing machine squeaking and vibrating like some you might find at the gym, also magnetic resistance rowing machines have few moving parts so don't wear out and don't require constant servicing like more mechanical based rowing machines.
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