Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike with High Specification Silent Drive System.

The Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike is a high specification home exercise machine that has an electronic magnetic resistance drive system that is silent in operation so if you want to cycle on your exercise bike whilst watching the TV your be able too and you won't disturb family members around you.
Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike, High Specification.

High Specification, Silent Drive System

If you have a baby at home then you can exercise whilst baby sleeps and the silent drive system won't wake baby or if you just like to exercise or listen to music whilst exercising without any noise then the Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike is for you.

The electronic resistance system is adjusted through up and down buttons on the control box situated between the handlebars and can also be controlled automatically by the built in exercise programmes that will; automatically adjust how hard it is to pedal depending on your pulse rate as measured from hand sensors in the handlebars.

Theresa 21 different exercise programmes to choose from everyone is different they are all like different cycling courses or cycling routes with different exercise profiles and all designed to hep you achieve a range of goals from losing weight to shaping and toning muscle to increasing daily activity to just having fun.

The seat is adjustable not only in height but also in reach bringing the seat closer or further away from the handlebars giving you more or less room between the handlebars and the seat and adjusting for different lengths of arm.

As well as pulse rate measurement from a sensor in the handlebars there's also a body fat sensor that measures the resistance between your two hands and calculates your body fat levels in BMI Body Mass Index.
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