Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Exercise Bike.

Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Exercise Bike the Modern, Lightweight Exercise Bike.

The Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Exercise Bike is a very modern and very stylish home exercise bike, it's a lightweight and has a full range of modern features like a memory to hold the settings for 4 different users so all the family can use the exercise bike and treat it like their own with dark and light grey styling the exercise bike looks very distinctive and is certainly a must have for any home.
Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Exercise Bike, Modern.

Modern, Lightweight Exercise Bike

The saddle is both height and reach adjustable meaning that as well as making the saddle go up and down to account for different leg lengths of user you can also move the saddle in and out bringing the saddle closer or further away from the front handlebars giving the user more room for their arms and stomach as you can adjust the gap between the handlebars and the seat to fit you perfectly, all adjustments don't require any tools as there's a hand wheel on the exercise bike you simply turn and move the saddle forwards or backwards and up or down.

The stylish metal handlebars contain both pulse sensors and body fat sensors so on the flat panel digital display you can see your pulse rate and body fat in real time changing as you exercise you can also see your calories counting up as you burn more calories and a great motivator to keep you working hard watching the calories count up.

The long legs provide stability making sure the exercise bike cannot be tipped over as the legs are both long and wide and because the exercise bike is lightweight its easy to move around the room or push against a wall when not being used.

There's an MP3 input socket so you can plug your MP3 player in and have your music come out of the built in stereo speakers which are mounted each side of the front console.
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