AirKing Oval 11ft x 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

AirKing Oval 11ft x 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure the Pro Trampoline with Easy Home Assembly.

If your looking to buy a trampoline that's easy to assemble then take a look at the AirKing Oval 11ft x 8ft Trampoline which has free next day delivery and comes with full instructions including diagrams, you only need two tools to assemble the trampoline and they are provided with the trampoline, the written instructions are written by a native English speaker and are not badly translated foreign language instructions, so within an hour your have your trampoline assembled and you and the children will enjoy bouncing up and down.
AirKing Oval 11ft x 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Pro Trampoline.

Pro Trampoline

This is a pro trampoline due to its shape, round trampolines have poor bounce but are good value and rectangular trampolines have the best bounce, so put the two qualities together in the AirKing Oval 11ft x 8ft Trampoline and you have a good value trampoline with the best bounce, you see round trampolines are only really suited for one person to be bouncing at a time because the way a rond trampoline is constructed means that there is only one really good bouncy bit on a round trampoline and that's in the middle.

Rectangular trampolines have good bounce all the way along the trampoline and that's why professionals use them at the Olympics, the octagonal trampoline being based on a rectangular design has good bounce along all of its surface and a great price too.

For safety a safety enclosure is included, this is basically a fence made from netting that fits all the way around the trampoline and prevents anyone falling out a door in the netting allows people in and out.

The soft touch mat provides the bounce and this rubber mat is made from a rubber based material called polypropylene, the springs in conjunction with the soft touch mat provide the bounce and there's 60 high bounce springs on the AirKing Oval 11ft x 8ft Trampoline.
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