AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Buy the AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure the Large Trampoline for Sale with Free Ladder, Safety Enclosure and Free Delivery.

Looking to buy a large trampoline for your garden, well you can't get much larger than the AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline which comes with a free trampoline ladder, free safety enclosure and free next day delivery.
AirKing Classic 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Large Trampoline for Sale.

Large Trampoline for Sale

This is a trampoline for home use, for use in the back garden and can be left outside in the garden all year, every year.

Ideal for kids as there's plenty of space to play around on, adults can join the kids for a play and a jump as the maximum user weight of this 12ft trampoline is 22 stone, meaning the majority of adults can also use this trampoline.

Ideal for keeping fit as well as just bouncing, tone the muscles in your arms, legs and bottom by bouncing on this large trampoline.

As well as bouncing on the trampoline children will love to sit inside and play or even under the trampoline and the large 12 foot diameter of the trampoline means there's plenty of room to play.

The trampoline is supplied flat packed ready for home assembly in the back garden, the box the trampoline arrives in will fit through a standard door frame without issue and can be carried round to the back garden, instructions are included on how to assemble the trampoline and these include illustrations so it's easy to follow along with the pictures if you're having any problems following the text, all the tools you need are included in the box, there's only 2 tolls and nothing complicated, two people will easily have the trampoline assembled and ready for use within the hour.

This is an all weather trampoline that can be left out in the rain, snow, heat and frost, the trampoline rubber mat that you bounce on is made from a polypropylene weave which lets rain water pass straight through leaving the trampoline surface dry and ready for jumping straight after the rain.

The AirKing Classic 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure has a five year warranty against the frame rusting and a one year warranty for all other parts the frame has been hot dipped in zinc to galvanise the frame and legs which prevents rusting and gives a beautiful bright and shiny colour to the metal the springs too have been galvanised to prevent them from rusting even the inside of the steel tube frame and legs has been galvanised against rust an no one sees the inside of the tube but AirKing know its an important part and should be protected against rust that's the high level of quality your find on AirKing trampolines.

The trampoline legs are large and broad so they won't sink into your lawn in fact you can use the trampoline on concrete, paving slabs, grass, soil, sand, wooden decking and wood chippings and the trampoline won't sink as it sits on top of the surface due to the trampoline large legs so you won't ruin your lawn and because the trampoline won't sink into the soil you can easily pull the trampoline around your lawn without tearing your grass or making holes so its easy to move the trampoline if you want to mow the grass underneath the trampoline or want top move the trampoline to a different area of garden.

The trampoline is supplied flat packed for home assembly and arrives in a box the box is not so large that you can't ask your neighbour to take it in if your at work and the box contains all you need to assemble the trampoline including the instructions and the tools you don't actually need many tools but what you do need is included.

Assembly will take approximately one hour and its recommended that two people assemble the trampoline one person top read the instructions and fix the parts together and another person to hold the parts to be assembled.
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